Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So...Keeping Myself Busy

I have recommitted myself to home projects.
It is amazing how much a little paint, some purging, reorganizing, and decluttering can do.
It feels so good!
I finally have had it with the red walls and ceilings left in my house.
Red does something not good to my mood.
And red on the ceilings was making these small cluttered spaces feel even more small and cluttered.
Fresh white ceilings and some grey walls feels so nice.
Like a deep breath.
I'm working on completely cleaning out the craft room.
I purchased some storage solutions at IKEA (my favorite place) this weekend and have plans for a fresh coat of white paint on those cabinets. 
I'm also thinking about chalkboard paint on the doors.
Oh - and a light fixture.
Expect "after" pictures sometime in the future.
I can't tell you when, but sometime.
I am beyond thrilled to have this red gone.
Just a few more small walls and I'm done! 
I just have to decide what color those walls will be...
I don't know what it is, but painting a wall gives me a great sense of accomplishment.
Maybe it makes me feel productive - progress I can actually see.
Maybe it's because my kids can't undo it...right after I've done it...
Maybe it has some symbolic meaning - a fresh start or a sense of control or something. 
Who knows.
But it feels great! 
I love stepping back and saying "I did that!"
And I'm excited to keep going.
We still have a few more rooms (and most of the ceilings and trim) that need painting - including Son's bedroom.
There still are pink and purple butterflies on his walls.
I think we may have another grey room in order!
Can you tell I love grey????
Sooooo soothing.

I can feel myself relaxing just thinking about it.

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