Saturday, October 20, 2012

So...Hallway Chalkboard

A dear friend of mine made this chalkboard for our family many Christmases ago.
I have loved it since she gave it to us and have waited for the perfect place to put it.
It's an up-cycled cupboard door.
I love it!

I thought about putting in the playroom, or the craft room, but I didn't really want the kids to have full access to it (although I think that may have been her intent).
It is just too pretty and I just don't quite trust the kiddos to take care of our things...

I finally found the place.
This beauty is hung at the top of our staircase.
The perfect place to write little messages to those I love the most.

It's fun being sneaky and changing the picture/saying when they're not looking.
It's fun when they discover it and practice their reading skills or in this case solve the "puzzle."

It's a fun little thing that creates unity in our home, and I am a big fan of that.
I like happy things. :)


The Yuan Fam said...

So cute. That's a great idea and I'll have to remember keeping our 'things' out of little hands so they're taken care of.

Kelly said...

I like it! I'm going to have to steal that phrase for my chalkboard!