Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I am thankful that my sweet daughters are the best playmates.

I've been dragging lately, as my belly grows and my energy level shrinks.
I am so thankful that these girlies play so well together and that they forgive their mother for being busy making a baby.





Right now I can hear the muffled sounds of First and Second Daughter playing "Christmas morning" upstairs in the guest bedroom (in a British accent) and it makes my heart happy. They have no idea how much of a gift it is to their mother that they are great playmates.

And have I mentioned how incredibly patient my children are with me?
Well, they are.

One of the hardest part of pregnancy for me is not feeling on top of my game - or anywhere close - as a mother. I feel so sad for my kids when I feel so incapable. But thankfully, my kids are patient with me, they still love me, and in fact they understand and forgive me.

Second Daughter said to me just the other day, as I'm laying helplessly on the couch - "It's ok Mom. You just rest and take care of that baby."

First Daughter, just days before that, woke up with her little sisters, took them downstairs and poured them all cereal and milk, turned on the TV for them, and did her best to keep them out of our bedroom so Husband + I could sleep in. She later told me she just wanted to let us relax.

Third Daughter, last night, snuck into my bedroom just to give me a kiss on the cheek while I slept (or so she thought) and then climbed back into her bed without one word.

Besides being the best of playmates, these kiddos just simply are the best.

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The Hungry said...

OH my goodness! What sweet girls. And what an awesome creative work/art station!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Congrats on your news!

Your daughters are so thoughtful! How sweet!