Sunday, November 6, 2011

So...My Siblings

Today I am thankful for my brothers and sister.

my wedding, October 2003

Sadly, this is the most recent picture I have of us all together. It was taken eight years ago.

My siblings have become my best friends, and most favorite people in the world. I love being around every single one of them. They are the ones who I feel like I can be 100% myself. 100% of the time. They always can make me laugh hard. And I like that they laugh at my jokes. They make me feel like I'm still funny and still pretty cool.

I love the memories and the bond we have. They are just the coolest people.
It's hard living so far away from most of them. Everytime I'm with each of them I feel like I need more of them in my life. I wish it was easier to get together. I love my siblings.

Since Little Brother has returned home from his mission, he has been out here attending BYU. I am loving this. I get to hang out with him at least once a week. I'm so glad that he likes to hang out with me. Though he was an annoying little brother for many of our growing up years, he has become one of my best friends. I love that he is a part of my girls lives.

Today I am thankful for my brothers and sister.
They are a huge blessing in my life, and four of the most important people to me.
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♥ Nadine said...

Thanks for the reminder! It's true, I often take my sister for granted. But she's always very honest, lovely, funny and also I can fight with her the best - because we are never mad at each other very long. :)

Siblings are a blessing.

Have a happy week. xo.

Lexi said...

You are very lucky! I have 5 siblings and we don't have great relationships with one another. It makes me really sad and envious of what you have.