Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So...Don't Worry, Mom

Don't worry, Mom
Everything will be okay.
I know we'll be together
Forever, someday.

Don't cry, Mom
Not for me.
I'm being taken care of.
Someday, you'll see.

Don't fear, Mom.
God is good.
It wouldn't be so painful
If you just understood.

Don't be sad, Mom
Try to smile.
Please be patient
And wait a while.

Don't give up, Mom
I need you still
To be there when I come.
Someday, I will.

Poetic Asides PAD Challenge: day six - "Dont _____, ______"

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Autumn said...

I LOVe this.

E and J said...

This was so sweet. Someday your children will be so grateful you write!