Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Memories 026: Julie's Do

My next Monday Memories guest blogger is Julie. We are cousins by marriage, and I feel so lucky to be related to her. She is kind, thoughtful, hilarious, whitty, caring, a wonderful mother (full of great advice, by the way), a just an awesome person. She says things how they are. I love that about her.

And I love her blog. I love seeing pictures of her beautiful baby girl, reading her stories and book recommendation, and her commentary on life. She is hilarious.

Julie is one of my favorite people to be around. Everytime I'm with her I think "why don't I spend more time with her?" Still asking myself that question...

This picture was taken around 4:30 am, over ten years ago, on the day I married my husby. When I see this picture I remember how excited I was. Not one bit tired.

The night before, I hung out with my sister, Becky, my cousin, Amy, and my best friend, Rachel. We spent the night in the apartment Matt and I would live in. It was a mess. I had already moved in a few days before and Matt’s stuff was there too. Nothing was unpacked.

I remember sitting on the kitchen counter with my feet in the sink while Becky gave me a pedicure. I can’t remember the color of the nail polish.

I can’t remember anything else we did that night, except for the four of us all trying to sleep on one queen size bed. We laid sideways in a row. One of us was at the top where the pillows would go, two in the middle and one down at the foot of the bed. We talked and talked. I slept for less than an hour.

We left the apartment at 3am. And went over to the home of my friend, Katie, where her sister, Heidi, did my hair for the big day. I intentionally planned to wear that button down shirt so I wouldn’t have to pull one over The Do to get into my wedding dress. Good thinking, right?

Heidi did a wonderful job. Exactly what I asked for, which was not easy. I have a lot of hair.

From there, the four of us drove my black Nissan Altima to the Oakland Temple, where I was married and sealed for time and all eternity to my one and only sweetheart. The best decision I made in my life.

With all that went on that day, the dress, the flowers, the pictures, the cake, the covenants, the hair was pretty minor. But between the hair and the beautiful dress my Aunt Mary made for me, I felt like a princess… Like a princess with her very own prince. It was wonderful.

Thank you Julie! I absolutely love stories about wedding days. Brings back lots of wonderful memories. And it was fun to hear about your day since I didn't meet you until after you two were married. Thanks for sharing a memory from such a special day.

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