Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So...The Mother Mixes

So...obviously I never finished my Christmas memories.

Blogging doesn't seem to be my strength these days.
So I thought I would stick with something I am good at - making mixes :)

I've been cleaning out the nooks and crannies of my house and basically have been trying to generally declutter every aspect of my life for the past two years.  In the process I have come across many many mix CDs.  Most are badly scratched and some aren't even playable.  But I do not want to lose these mixes - they are each a part of my past and hold precious memories.

So...I'm documenting them here on my blog and share them with you because really, it's great music.

These Mother Mixes are the mothers of all mixes.  These are college to me!  Back in the day of Napster and illegal music downloading and burning CDs was awesome.  I would find and download (for free!) every song by my favorite artists, which back then were mostly Guster, Dispatch, OAR, Dashboard Confessional, and Dave Matthews.  I also loved finding acoustic versions and covers of my favorite tunes.  My computer had a playlist of over 500 songs (probably more actually) that would play of shuffle all day long.  Each one of these songs are on the soundtrack of my college life. 

Feels like studying for the next mid-term, writing a paper, eating vending machine food, and waiting for my boyfriend to call while lounging in high school soccer sweats on my bed up on cement blocks in my poster-walled dorm room.
Seems like a lifetime ago, but when I put on this music I feel like I'm right there again.

If you're looking for some chill music - check these out.

Mother Mix 1
Mouth (acoustic)::John Mayer
Two Coins::Dispatch
So Long::Guster
Another Lonely Day::Ben Harper
Don't Know Why::Norah Jones
It's All Understood::Jack Johnson
Day By Day::Five For Fighting
Typical Situation::Dave Matthews Band
Evaporated::Ben Folds Five
I Feel Home::OAR
Brilliant Dance::Dashboard Confessional
Angry Anymore::Ani Defranco
Alright::Five For Fighting
Waiting on an Angel::Ben Harper
Lullabye::Ben Folds Five

Mother Mix 2
Crazy Game of Poker::OAR
Bang Bang::Dispatch
Drink the Water::Jack Johnson
Both Hands::Ani Defranco
Burn One Down::Ben Harper
Drowning::Dashboard Confessional
Angel::Dave Matthews Band
How::Lisa Loeb
Air::Ben Folds Five
Creep (acoustic)::Radiohead
No Such Thing::John Mayer
Not A Pretty Girl::Ani Defranco
My Beloved One::Ben Harper

I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for stopping by!

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Susie Jensen said...

The days of getting any song for free and fast were awesome!!!!! Watching it download! Love mixes - especially tangible cd ones.