Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So...12 Days of Christmas Past::2006

Live Nativity::Christmas 2006::San Jose, CA
In 2006 we were back to San Jose for Christmas.  I was large with child, expecting Second Daughter a few months later.  Christmas Eve we got together with family (that's Brother In-Law in the background and Cousin as Joseph) and did a living nativity.  We did not do that in my family when I was a kid so it was really fun for me to watch!
First Daughter was Mary, Husband was the donkey, and First Daughter's first doll (cabbage patch) was Baby Jesus - you can see her (him) in the purple crib (manger) in the lower right corner.
Christmas "shopping" was easy that year.  First Daughter was very excited about certain things and had very simple expectations.  I ended up wrapping some of her favorite toys, and her favorite movie (Wizard of Oz) so she could open them on Christmas morning and get excited.  She didn't have any expectation for new toys so she was so excited.  It actually was the best.
But we weren't complete cheapskates that year - we did buy her new stuff too.  She was into princesses so she got a couple dress up dresses and shoes, a crown and play jewelry.  We just multiplied her stash of presents by wrapping already owned gifts :)
That is the only memory I have of that Christmas.  My pregnant brain must have forgotten everything else :)
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