Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So...Classic Mixes

In my cleaning up and cleaning out I have come across lots of CD mixes.
Most of them are scratched and not very pleasant to listen too.
But I still feel making mixes is a dying art, and I have a hard time parting with them.
Someday I want to make digital playlists of all of these awesome mixes!
And so I thought I'd document (and share) them here - since they're pretty awesome and I don't want to lose them.

These first four are part of a CD collection I made for Little Brother on his 16th birthday.
If I remember correctly, I made him 16 mixes.
Nothing says "I love you" - in this case "Happy Birthday" - than a homemade mix CD.
These four are some of my favorite classic rock songs.
Oh how I love classic rock!
If you're ever craving some classics, this is a great list to pull from.
Trust me.

Speaking of which...did you know that Bon Jovi, Gun N Roses, Def Leppard, and Nirvana can now be heard on classic rock radio stations?!  Pretty crazy, but so awesome. 
Who woulda thought that hair bands and grunge rock would live amongst the legends of rock and roll?
Well, I hoped they would - and glad that they have made their way there. 

Classics CD 1::
Birthday::The Beatles
Fool in the Rain::Led Zepplin
Lola::The Kinks
Wild Horses::Rolling Stones
Sultans of Swing::Dire Straits
Layla::Eric Clapton
Hey You::Pink Floyd
Free Falling::Tom Petty
Dreams::Fleetwood Mac
Sweet Emotion::Aerosmith
Dust in the Wind::Kansas
The Joker::Steve Miller Band
Dock of the Bay::Ottis Redding
Rolling Stone::Bob Dylan
More Than A Feeling::Boston

Classics CD 2::
All Along the Watchtower::Jimi Hendrix
Tiny Dancer::Elton John
Piece of My Heart::Janice Joplin
Sweet Home Alabama::Lynyrd Skynyrd
Come Together::Aerosmith
Jessica::Allman Brothers
Cecilia::Simon & Garfunkel
Carry On My Wayward Son::Kansas
Blackbird::The Beatles
Immigrant Song::Led Zepplin
Money::Pink Floyd
Knockin' on Heaven's Door::Eric Clapton
Major Tom::David Bowie
Black Betty::Ram Jam
Fly Like An Eagle::Steve Miller Band

Classics CD 3::
Patience::Guns N Roses
Dream On::Aerosmith
Fortunate Son::Creedence Clearwater Revival
Tuesday's Gone::Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lucky in the Sky with Diamonds::The Beatles
The Boxer::Simon & Garfunkel
Kashmir::Led Zepplin
Born to Run::Bruce Springstein
Last Dance with Mary Jane::Tom Petty
Walk on the Wild Side::Lou Reed
Ramblin Man::Allman Brothers
Beast of Burden::Rolling Stones
Wish You Were Here::Pink Floyd

Classics CD 4::
Welcome to the Machine::Pink Floyd
Here Comes the Sun::The Beatles
Up On Cripple Creek::The Band
Light My Fire::The Doors
Revolution::The Beatles
Start Me Up::Rolling Stones
Black Dog::Led Zepplin
Rockin Me Baby::Steve Miller Band
Refugee::Tom Petty
Southern Man::Neil Young
Low Rider::War
Time::Pink Floyd
Baba O'Reily::The Who
All of My Love::Led Zepplin
Ruby Tuesday::Rolling Stones

Classics CD 5::
Free Bird::Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rocket Man::Elton John
Over the Hills & Far Away::Led Zepplin
Strawberry Fields Forever::The Beatles
Get Off My Cloud::Rolling Stones
Taking My Time::Boston
Turn the Page::Bob Seger
Glory Days::Bruce Springstein
Purple Haze::Jimi Hendrix
I Shot the Sheriff::Eric Clapton
Riders on the Storm::The Doors
Hurricane::Bob Dylan
All You Need is Love::The Beatles
Goodbye Blue Sky::Pink Floyd
Stairway to Heaven::Led Zepplin

There you go.
Lots of classics to keep your playlist busy for quite a while.
These would be great to listen to while doing spring cleaning!
Hope you enjoy!

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I don't know A LOT of those songs by name but I bet if I heard them, I'd realize I do know them.

Good job on your spring cleaning!