Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Memories 051::Boyfriend Mix

Boyfriend Mix::
This Is Your Song::Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
1000 Miles::Vanessa Carlton
I Feel Like Making Love::Boston
Pardon Me::Incubus
Blurry::Puddle of Mudd
From Chaos::311
All of My Love::Led Zepplin
I'm Like A Bird::Nelly Furtado
Don't Tell Me::Madonna
Out Loud::Dispatch
I Will Love You::Fisher
Stairway to Heaven::Led Zepplin
Kissing You::Desiree

I found this mix I made for Husband back when we were dating in a pile of random CDs. 
I couldn't throw it away without documenting this playlist for posterity's sake.
These songs were meaningful to us - our own little inside jokes, memories, and messages to each other. 

Most of them I remember, some of them I don't at all. 
Like that Eminem song...what? 
I have no memory of why that song was meaningful to us (and warning - it has a lot of bad words in it...) but maybe it made us laugh???  We were kind of like that back then. 
I think it's something we like about each other - our not-so-perfectness.
And we both were in-the-closet Eminem fans then (me more in the closet than he) which we liked about each other too.
We appreciated genius talent in any shape or form.

Husband is who introduced me to the music from Moulin Rouge and I loved that he loved a musical.
I have vivid memories of him singing at the top of his lungs along with this version of the Elton John classic.
Have I told you Husband has a great voice?
Well, he does - and I love when he sings that song to me.

The Vanessa Carlton song was meaningful to us because we spent 7 months in a long distance relationship.  The lyrics to 1000 Miles are self explanatory.
The Puddle of Mudd song was meaningful for the same reason, although when we sang it was changed the lyrics "there's ocean in between us" to "there's 3000 miles of land between us."
We thought it was funny and clever and we loved singing it to each other.

We listened to lots and lots of Incubus and 311, so naturally I threw a couple of our favorites from them in there.

We both loved Led Zepplin (which made me love him even more) so two of our favorites were included.

I loved Bush and I knew he would think of me whenever he heard Glycerine.

I threw in a couple of my favorite love songs - Everything, I Will Love You, and Kissing You.

The others are songs I remember hearing a lot on the radio in the car together, singing them together, and some making us laugh (like Husband singing "I'm Like a Bird" in his best Nelly Furtado voice).

Husband and I have always shared a love for all different types of music.
It's something I've always loved about him.
I love that we can ride in the car together and just listen to music and love it.
I love that we can rock out together and sing at the top of our lungs to anything from classic rock to musicals.  It is so much fun.

Music has always marked and tabbed chapters of my life.
These are some that remind me of the wild and crazy days of dating the man of my dreams.
Our taste in music may have changed since then, but listening to this mix still brings back all the awesome feelings and memories of that time. may also like::
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The Bobos said...

Awesome mix! You know, to this day, anytime I hear Bush - I totally think of you!