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So...12 Days of Christmas Past::2002

Me & Husband::Boston::2002

This year marks 12 years of Christmases together, Husband and I.  This first one, we weren't engaged yet, but we were a short 1 1/2 months later.

That Christmas marked the end of a long 7 months living apart from each other.  We dated for 4 months, I went home to Boston for the summer, he went home to San Jose for the fall semester, then we were reunited in Boston for Christmas and headed back to Provo together.

This was a very interesting/trying time in my life and in our relationship.  I knew that I was in love with Husband and wanted to spend the rest of my life and eternity with him, but not everyone was as enthusiastic as we were about the idea.  That fall semester, I knew that we were getting close to getting engaged and was desperately seeking a confirmation that marrying him was the right thing to do.  I knew I wanted it to be the right thing, but I wanted some divine confirmation.  That holiday season - Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with mine - was when I received my answer.

It wasn't anything grand and glorious or even really that obvious.  It was just a peaceful feeling of being at home when I was with him.  Even though I didn't have a whole lot of support from my family, I knew that it was right because I felt that he was now my family and I couldn't imagine a life without him.

This picture was taken in downtown Boston.  Our whole family went into the city together on the T.  Mom made matching red fleece scarves for all of us.  Husband had given me that winter hat for Christmas (and the Harry Potter box set!!)  I don't exactly remember what we did in the city - probably went out to eat and probably shopped - but I do remember it being ridiculously cold.  And I remember not caring one bit because I was so happy to be reunited with my man and having fun holding his hand and strolling through the city. 

My other memory of that Christmas was staying up late with Husband, cuddling on my parents' living room love seat, looking at a Christmas version of an "I Spy" book.  We did the entire book, which I think is the only time in my life that I've completed one of those books in one sitting.  It was easy because I loved every second with him, especially being close to him, and I was so happy to be with him again.  It really didn't matter what we did as long as we were together.

I loved the end of that trip because we didn't have to say goodbye to each other.  We got to fly back to Utah together!  We had had our fair share of weepy goodbyes at airports that year, and I loved that this visit didn't end the same.  In fact, we didn't ever have to say goodbye again because we were engaged the following February and married the October after that, without any time apart in between.

I don't remember many details about that Christmas.  I really only remember all the excitement, anticipation, and twitterpated-ness I felt that year being so in love with my husband-to-be.  This picture brings back some hard memories, but mostly the wonderful, giddy feelings and memories. 

I love being in love with Husband.
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