Saturday, October 25, 2014

So...Let Me Catch You Up

So...obviously I haven't been doing a whole lot of blogging lately.
But a whole lot has been going on.
In August the kiddos started school.
First Daughter - 4th, Second Daughter - 2nd, Third Daughter - Kindergarten.
They love school and are doing great. 
In September I celebrated my 31st birthday.
I went out to breakfast with a bunch of friends, had lunch with my sister in-law, and had Red Mango with my family for dinner.  It was perfect!  I felt very loved and loved all the yummy food and wonderful people.
We completed another busy soccer season.
We were lucky to have beautiful weather throughout the season.  I sure love watching my kiddos run around that soccer field.
A new daily activity for us is to go watch the trains.  Son#1 absolutely loves trains and we have found a few spots where we can get an up close view of the trains going by.  It really is a highlight to our days.
The girls are taking piano lessons from me this year.
I was really nervous about how that would go, but luckily it is going amazingly!  So much better than I expected.  We really enjoy the one-on-one time together, and they all are doing really well practicing and progressing.  This is the first year for Third Daughter and she is doing great!
At the end of September, Husband and I broke away for a couple nights to go to CA for one of Husband's friend's wedding.  We were able to go to the temple with his family that lives out there and that was wonderful.  Even though it was a very quick trip, it was very nice to be kid free for a little while and enjoy family and friends (and beautiful CA weather) together.
The day we got back from CA was the Ogden Temple dedication.
It was a special day for First Daughter because she is now old enough to attend the dedication.  I really loved going with her and our cousin Andrea.
We have been having the most amazing weather, and the most amazing sunsets and sunrises!
I really love the view every night and can't help but take pictures.  I send them to my mom because she loves clouds. :)
Speaking of beautiful weather, the kids have been spending most of their afternoons outside with friends.  First Daughter loves to ride her ripstick and the others love to ride their bikes.  This weather won't last for much longer, so we're soaking it all up while we can.
 We really love fall.  Son#1 has discovered leaf piles and he just loves to lay in them.
Two weeks ago I ran my fifth half marathon.  It was the Pink Series half in Park City.  The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.  As for the course - not my favorite.  It was pretty hard.  But the company was fantastic.  I have loved training with these ladies and so proud of how our little team did!
This fall park season has been really fun for Son#2.  He can climb up the stairs, walk around the park, and he loves going down slides.  Playing at the park is one of my favorite things to do with my family.
Last Saturday Husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.  Things didn't exactly go as planned, but we were able to spend the evening together anyway and that's all that matters.  We spent some time talking about what we love about our marriage.  It really made me so grateful looking back on our life together, how we've grown, and what makes our marriage so incredible.  I love this guys more than ever and still feel like he is my greatest blessing ever.  I stand by that statement.
And last but not least...
Third Daughter lost her first tooth!  And as a matter of fact, she lost her second one just today!  She was so excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy, even though our tooth fairy is pretty forgetful and almost always doesn't come the first night.  Oh well...we forgive her :)
Well, now I've pretty much caught you up on all that's going on around here.
Life feels pretty good.
I am loving being mom to these kids and wife to my husband.
Which is good, because I spend a whole lot of time doing those two things :) may also like::
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