Sunday, December 22, 2013

So...It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There are so many things that I love about Christmas - the traditions, the treats, the parties, the music, the time with family and friends, the focus on the Savior - there really isn't anything I don't like about this time of year.  I actually even enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and the busy-ness of the season.  It's all part of creating memories and being involved doing fun things.
This season has been very full and very wonderful.  We have -
::had a violin recital and a piano recital
::had a school choir concert
::gone to see the Spanish Fork lights for FHE with friends
::gone to see the Thanksgiving Point lights with family
::gone to see the lights at the "Christmas mansions" (our family tradition) for FHE with cousin Meghan
::gone to see the lights at Temple Square
::gone to a night in Bethlehem for our ward Christmas party - Husband was a wise man and Son #2 was Baby Jesus
::gone to see Frozen for a work party
::gone to see The Hobbit
::gone to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with my Grandpa
::gone to a Christmas dinner where my Grandpa lives
::gone to a ward choir Christmas party
::sat on Santa's lap and got his autograph
::made gingerbread nativities with Uncle B + Aunt L
::watched a ton of Christmas movies
::made treats for friends we home teach and visit teach
::had school Christmas parties and sing-a-longs
::gone caroling for Activity Days (First Daughter only - we were all jealous)
::done lots of online shopping
::got our tree at Baums and decorated it with cranberry strings and paper snowflakes
::had lots of hot cocoa
::played in the snow a lot (while mom was inside where it is warm)
::gone hot tubbing in the snow
::visited with friends
::had extended family dinner while watch the LDS Church Christmas Devotional
::sent out Christmas cards + packages
::played and sung a lot of Christmas carols
::read a lot of Christmas stories
::done lots of shoveling - well, Husband has :)
As much as I love all the special things we get to do and be involved in during the holiday season, my favorite time is the time we have just being at home.  I love having my family home in our cozy house on cold winter evenings.  I love the lit tree, the burning fire, and the music playing.  I love getting in jammies and watching movies by the fire.  I love staying up late and sharing Christmas treats.  I love sitting on the floor in my kids' room reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs before bedtime.  I love the excitement and the wishing for the perfect gift from Santa.  I love baking all day and sharing goodies with people we love.  I love that we are creating memories and a home full of love. 
And I love that amidst all the hustle and bustle and treats and gifts, the Savior is the center of it all.  We talk about how every thing about Christmas points to Christ - even Santa and gifts and treats and parties.  If you think about it, all of it points to Christ.  The trick is to look for it. 
I love the story of Jesus' birth.  I love reading the scripture story and singing all the songs that depict that beautiful, miraculous event.  I love the Savior and I love celebrating his birth and his life during Christmastime.   I love this time of year.
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