Friday, January 24, 2014

So...Right Now...

Right now Second Daughter...

::loves to help mom.  especially with cooking.
::talks a lot.  she really really likes to talk :)
::is so thoughtful and remembers everything.
::is a great friend.
::is starting piano.  she is nervexcited (nervous + excited).
::loves animals.  especially foxes.
::loves treats.  any kind of treats.
::loves being my shopping buddy.
::is so good at reading!
::has started singing with vibrato.  she has a beautiful voice.
::struggles to be patient with her little sister, but she is trying.
::is still our sensitive sweet soul.
::still prays every day for our family to be together forever.
::chats on the phone with her best friend.  they sing songs together on the phone and it is the most adorable thing ever.
::loves skinny jeans.
::loves to play Minecraft with her dad.
::has lost one tooth.  it was a very exciting day!
::is in first grade and loves it.
::is the first to complain, but also the first to obey.
::still loves cuddling with mom.
::loves to hold her baby brother, but is ready to give him back after about 2 minutes :)
::still loves to paint.
::makes up jokes that make no sense at all.
::raises her hand when she wants to talk at the dinner table or during family home evening.
::gets in "why" mode, and it's not my favorite...
::makes lists all the time.  especially when planning play dates with her friends.
::doesn't like anything that has to do with death, surgery, or hospitals.
::loves to read.
::loves one-on-one time.
::is full of so much love and concern for everyone in our family.
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Kelly said...

I love how you do this with your's like a little time capsule. I may steal this idea!