Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So...Our Six Year Old

Eleven days ago our Second Daughter turned six.
Holy cow.  Our second child is six years old???
How in the world did that happen...?
The day of her birthday it was 75 degrees and sunny.
The perfect day.
She has been asking all winter (practically every day) to go to the park.
On her birthday, we did. 
She was in heaven.
I busted out my real camera (not my phone for once) to document her day.
When she saw it, she instantly wanted a photo shoot.
In the middle of the park with all four kids running in different directions in the crowd.  :)
She led me around the park and I shot pose after pose until she was ready to play again.

She was quite the supermodel.
It was really fun.
I love her confidence and personality.
She loves people and loves being in the middle of everything.
She is fearless when it comes to people and makes best friends everywhere she goes.
I love that she knows that about herself - "I'm great at making friends!" she says almost every time we go somewhere where there are new kids to meet.
She loves to have fun and loves to make things special.
She is very expressive and very sensitive.
She loves to laugh and she loves affection.

She had a wonderful birthday and told me it was a birthday she'd always remember.
She chose Applebee's for dinner because they give free ice cream sundaes for your birthday.
She had her first late-over that night with her best girl friend.
They played outside until dark and then finished the evening with an episode of Sophia the First.
She had a smile on her face all day.
It was a great way to turn six.

Love this girl so much.
Today she is home sick, in bed watching My Little Pony.
Poor girl :(

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1 comment:

Nathan said...

How did this happen!?!?! SIX!!!

Time sure does fly!

And I love your Rant about Rants.
I was thinking about ranting soon but, since I read this...maybe I won't. Or maybe I'll find something positive to rant about instead of what frustrated me? Maybe. ;-)