Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So...Right Now...

Right now Second Daughter...

::is the socialite of the family.  she always has a play date or late over in the works.
::is really good at making friends.
::knows she's good at making friends and is confident being around new people.  i love this about her.
::is still called "Little Middle" even though she is no longer the middle child.
::thinks of special outtings for us to go on every day.  i wish i could always say yes.
::is days away from graduating from kindergarten. 
::is reading Magic Tree House books on her own.
::is the one who gives me the most grief, but usually the one to follow through and obey first.
::has an incredible imagination.
::loves to snuggle with me. 
::rubs my belly and talks to her baby brother in utero.
::prays every day for our family to be together forever.  i love that this is important to her.
::still loves to paint.
::is learning to play the violin.  she is a natural.
::refers to her friends as her "crew."
::doesn't know how to tie her shoes yet, but is determined to master it this summer.
::loves to ride her bike so much.
::tells me frequently that she wishes she could ride her bike every where.
::tells me frequently what she wants to be when she grows up - a construction worker, a grocery bagger, a Costco employee, a bug studier, a worker in a pencil factory, or just a plain mom.
::loves to play on the computer.
::really really really does not like getting in trouble.
::wants to live next door to me when she grows up.
::loves to play soccer, swim, and wants to play softball just like her big sister.
::is a lover of treats - just like her mom.
::is very tender hearted.
::takes things very literally.  she doesn't respond to sarcasm very well.
::has a super sense of smell.  she can almost always guess what i'm cooking without looking.
::has a great sense of direction.
::has an amazing memory.
::teaches me a lot about loving others unconditionally and being a friend to everyone.
::is a wonderful girl and we love having her in our family. may also like::
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