Sunday, January 19, 2014

So...Right Now...

Right now Third Daughter...

::is growing up so fast.  i can't believe she's almost five!
::still makes us laugh constantly.
::loves making up jokes.  most of them don't make any sense, but that's what makes them so funny.
::still takes naps sometimes.  it is wonderful.
::is in her second year of preschool.
::is starting to sound out words - she wants so badly to read like her sisters.
::asks constantly for me to give her violin lessons.  i gave her one and she picked up quickly! 
::loves the music from Frozen.  she reenacts the entire song "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman"
::is a great playmate for Son #1.
::loves to play with mom.
::loves to play with her friends.
::is very strong willed.
::loves hot chocolate.
::has the craziest hair ever.  most days she looks like a homeless child. 
::has the cutest smile.
::still sucks on her fingers when she cuddles with her blankie.
::still is very attached to her blankie.
::makes up elaborate stories about her dreams.
::is learning how to whistle.
::loves honey sandwiches.
::gets giant crocodile tears when she's sad.
::has a fascination with bandaids - she needs them for everything.
::loves to hold Son #2.
::loves vanilla soy milk.
::loves to wear her cupcake outfit.
::loves to wear jammies even more.
::is trying really hard to be a good listener.  she struggles with this, but she's trying!
::has a magnetic personality.
::is super outgoing, but sometimes gets shy.  it's always surprising when this happens.
::loves to swim in our hot tub.
::is so funny and so much fun to have in our family. may also like::
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