Monday, March 11, 2013

So...A Birthday Girl

Our baby turned four today.
And even though she was sick and not herself for most of the day, she was all smiles for her birthday cupcake and her birthday song.
She requested donuts for breakfast - didn't want to eat one.
She spent the morning watching her new Barbie movie.
We headed to the doctor.
She didn't want any lunch. 
She took a nap.
We went to fill prescriptions.
We spent a little time at the park.
She requested taco soup for dinner - ate only a few bites.
She requested her chocolate birthday cupcake - took one lick of the frosting.
At 7pm she wanted to snuggle with me in bed.
This ear infection is not treating her well.
But she was a trooper and tried her best to be happy all day.
She was excited to tell everyone she was four.
She was excited to wear the birthday cake hat.
She was excited about all her presents - especially the nail polish and her doctor kit from grandma.
She was all smiles when we went around the dinner table and took turns telling her what we loved about her.
And her ibuprofen kicked in just in time to enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes at the park during First Daughter's piano lesson.
She was such a sweetheart and insisted on pushing her brother on the swing.
And when it was her turn to swing, she learned how to pump!
Look at this happy boy :) :) :)
The kids were thrilled to be able to get some sunshine and fresh air today.
They have been begging to go to the park for weeks (even when it was snowing) and Third Daughter's birthday was the perfect day to go.

Despite being sick, Third Daughter really seemed to have a great day.
That makes this mama happy.

And our sweet girl didn't make it through family prayer tonight.
Husband told me my prayer was too long.  :)
Sweet dreams happy birthday girl.
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