Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So...Right Now...

Right now Son #1...
::doesn't mind wearing pink boots.  that's what happens when you have three older sisters...
::is 23 months old.
::is almost double his brother's weight at a whopping 38 lbs.
::loves loves loves the moon.  he will sit on our front step and wait for it to rise over the mountains.  he also knows the moon comes up when it gets "gark"
::also loves loves loves buses.  he calls them "b's"
::loves watching Winnie the Pooh (actually it's Piglet's Big Movie).  he calls it "Poohs"
::calls French fries "hot dogs." 
::loves both his mom and his dad a lot, but is really good buddies with his dad.  (and his mom)
::is the sweetest boy. 
::will spontaneously give hugs and kisses.  it is the sweetest.
::has just learned all his siblings' names.  he still calls Son #2 "baby"
::seems to learn new words every day, but still definitely has his own language.  i kinda don't want him to ever change.  or grow up.
::loves every kind of ball.  he has a really good arm too!
::will probably be left-handed.  that's our guess.
::has drawn on almost every wall in our house.
::has the cutest high kick happy dance.
::has been known to throw toy cars.  or any toy for that matter.  it's kinda dangerous.
::still drinks milk from a bottle and i totally don't care.  i kinda want him to stay a baby forever.
::can climb out of his crib, but we keep him contained with a crib tent.
::can unlock the front door.  including the dead bolt.
::thinks it's funny when I chase him down the sidewalk.  or the street.
::loves to play outside.
::has pretty bad eczema.  this cold, dry weather is hard on his skin :(
::loves water, or "wa-wa."  mostly for dumping out.
::gets really excited when we can understand him.  he gets a huge smile on his face and says, "Ya!"
::gets really sad when we leave him.  whenever someone comes over he gets pretty apprehensive and clings on to me or Husband's leg.  once we leave he's fine though.
::tries to be a good friend and is learning to share.
::can play with cars for hours.  he likes lining them up on the window sill or racing them down our banister.
::loves being a big brother.
::loves airplanes.
::can scream like a girl.  actually, better than any of the girls in this house.  he does it a lot and it always makes me laugh.  (his dad doesn't laugh - he encourages him to scream like a man)
::pulls his sisters' hair when he wants what they have.  we do not encourage it, but I have to admit it's a smart move...
::hits and throws stuff sometimes.  we are working on this :)
::loves to help unload the dishwasher and knows where almost everything goes in our kitchen.
::loves suckers.  like, really loves them.  they are "guckers,"
::might be the cutest little boy in the entire world.  i kinda want him to stay this way forever.  wait, did i already say that?
::makes us all so happy and we all love being around him.
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Kelly said...

I can't get passed the 38 pounds!! Wowee! You must have really awesome mommy arms!!

Lauren said...

Hahaha he makes me laugh!

scooping it up said...

love that picture. so darn cute. my youngest would really like to throw balls with him and color on walls. His areas of expertise...

Autumn said...

I keep hoping for a lefty! Not yet. Comment about pulling sisters hair made me lol. I'm sure his sisters don't think its funny. He's so darling.