Saturday, January 26, 2013

So...Today You are One

My Sweet Precious Boy,

Today you are one year old. 
A year gone by too fast.
Yesterday you were a baby.
Today you took your first steps and stepped right into toddler hood.
You looked at me with your sparkling eyes and huge smile, and giggled as you lifted each foot in my direction.  I was so proud I screamed with joy as I caught you in my arms. 
And then you did it again.

My sweet precious baby boy.  Walking.

Everyone told me that having a boy is different - that there is a special bond between mother and son.  In this first year of your life I have already learned this is true.  You have captured my heart in a way no other ever has. 

I can barely wait to see you each morning.  I love to sit in the big blue chair across the room from your crib and watch you.  I watch you jump and shake your head.  I watch you stand up and sit down, crawl around and turn over.  We smile and giggle at each other.  Sometimes you make funny faces at me and sometimes we sing.  I love to see your little fingers open and close when we sing your favorite song and to hear your sweet voice join in to "up above the world so high."

Your cheeks are no stranger to my lips.  I'm sure I kiss them a hundred times a day.  At least.
And your chubby hands - oh those perfect chubby hands!   They reach for my face or rest on my arm or lead my hands in "patty cake" and my heart is filled to capacity.  I am so infatuated and helplessly in love with you, my son, I can hardly stand it.

I feel privileged to be your mama.  Your magnetic smile and charm no doubt is a gift.  You bring so much light and love into our family and joy to everyone you interact with.  It is a joy to watch you grow and develop your personality.  I am amazed by you every day.  It is so much fun being your mama and I am so incredibly grateful that you are in our family.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

Your mama.

P.S. If you take a little longer turning two than it took you to turn one, I would be ok with that.  I'd appreciate you not growing up too fast.  Please and thank you :) may also like::
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