Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Memories 035::Christmas Edition

Christmas sleepover, 2010
This time, two years ago, we were all sleeping in sleeping bags on air mattresses amongst the presents piled under our twinkling Christmas tree.  We hosted Christmas at our house.  All of Husband's family (minus 1) were there.  It was a full house and it was wonderful.

Tonight our house is much quieter.
It's just our little family at home this year for Christmas.
We shared the story of Jesus' birth, sang hymns and carols, and left cookies for Santa.
The kiddos are in their Christmas jammies, tucked soundly in their beds, I'm sure with vision of sugar plums dancing in their heads :).  Husband and I will go to bed full of excitement as well.  Christmas is so magical, even for the parents.  I cannot wait to see our little kiddos faces in the morning.

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