Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Memories 032::Christmas Edition

Christmas 2011.
This is one of our favorite Christmas memories.
The beach Christmas tree.
We spent last Christmas in San Jose, CA with Husband's side of the family.
Mother-Inlaw had the genius idea of this family activity - we cut down a Christmas tree, hauled it to the beach, dug a hole for it, and then decorated it with things we found on the beach.  We made a driftwood star, fisherman's net garland, seaweed tinsel, and ornaments made of sea shells, garbage, and other treasures found on the beach.  The kids absolutely loved it!  We all did!
At the end we stuck bread and lil' smokies all over the branches and let the sea gulls go to town.  It was so exciting and so fun to watch.  Like the finale in a fireworks show.
Christmas on the beach was definitely a new experience for this Boston/Utah girl and I really loved it.  The setting sun was sparkling on the beautiful ocean and the sand felt cold and soft in our toes.  It was quiet and peaceful and relaxing. 
And there's something about standing at the edge of the tide looking out into the vast ocean and horizon that makes me awe at the incredible creation this world is. 
What a perfect, divine design.
What a gift.
And what a gift of love was the birth, life, teachings, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior - the real reason we celebrate this wonderful time of year.
On the docket for tonight::
::shopping for our Christmas tree.
::neighborhood carolling
::hot chocolate around an outdoor fire
::holiday donuts.
The girlies will be in heaven. 
Which means this mama will be too. may also like::
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The Yuan Fam said...

That is one of our favorite Christmas memories too!! Thanks for the reminder!

Sandy said...

nice post.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Coolest Christmas tree ever! Maybe I'll have to undecorate ours after Christmas, take it down to the sand and redecorate. I love that idea! So fun.