Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Memories 066::A Snapshot

my 21st birthday, Sept 2004
Some things about this picture::
01:: This is how I see myself in my head, even though I know I clearly don't look like this anymore.  Look at those arms!  And that tan!  I am definitely not 21 anymore :) but someday I will be back in shape and it will feel wonderful.

02:: That watch.  Husband bought me that Fossil watch when we were dating.  I can't remember owning a watch before then (except for that digital one I had when I was about ten).  I remember it cost $45 or something like that and I thought that was so expensive!   $45 for a watch?!  I didn't need to know the time that badly.  :)

03:: Lacrosse bumper stickers on the fridge.  I was still very much in the world of lacrosse.  I coached at Orem High, I played for BYU a couple years before this, I ran the BYU girls lacrosse camp, and played whenever I could.  I never thought I would see a day when lacrosse wasn't a part of it - yet here I am.  Maybe I'd get those arms back if I played more :)

04:: The flip phone.  That was my cell phone and it was awesome!  Pretty sure Husband bought it for something like $250.  That's such a joke now.  Pretty sure it now resides in a toy box in our playroom.  It's the most expensive toy we own.

05:: Uncle Tom's Cabin.  I bought myself that book for my birthday.  I was on a "classics" kick since I didn't do much reading before college.  That book still is on our bookshelf and it remains unread :)

06:: Scripture case.  My other birthday present.  We were pretty poor students and I was so excited about that case.  Oh to have such a simple life again! 

07:: I was pregnant.  This was a little over one month before our first anniversary.  We had known I was pregnant for about a week and were so excited.  Pretty sure I smiled like this all the time back then - at least until morning sickness kicked in.

08:: Grandpa's basement.  We were living in my grandpa's basement.  This was our kitchen which consisted of a table, fridge, sink, and counter.  No dishwasher, no stove, no oven.  Oh, we did have a microwave and a George Forman.  Good times cooking in that kitchen.

09:: Old San Jose picture.  That picture in the background is a picture of old San Jose, CA, Husband's hometown.  My sister in-law gave us that print along with a picture of Old Boston Towne for our first Christmas as a married couple.  The two pictures still hang in our living room and I love them.

10:: Dave Matthews Concert.  Not in this picture, but my other birthday present was tickets to a Dave Matthews Concert.  Husband had won them off a radio show (so cool!).  I think it was my tenth time seeing them in concert, but that didn't make me any less excited.  They are my favorite band ever and I love seeing them in concert.  They are incredible live.  It was super fun, but we left a little early because I was pregnant, super tired, and I had school early in the morning.  In that moment I realized I was not very cool anymore :)  But it was a cool way to celebrate and a fun memory.

It is crazy to me how fast time goes by.  My mom used to always say that she still feels like she's 20, and I used to always think "whatever Mom...," but now I totally get what she meant and how she felt. 

I still feel like the same girl in this picture.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that 9 years and 5 kids later, I'm a little bit different :) may also like::
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I love this post

scooping it up said...

loved this. makes me want to look at and hash some old pictures. :)

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I feel the same way... :)