Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Memories 015: The First Preg Meg

January 2005
I was 20-something weeks pregnant with First Daughter. Such an exciting and fun time in our life.

Thoughts about this picture:

1.) See that fan in the background? That is right. We have a fan blowing on us full blast at night, even in the cold winter month of January. Husband can't sleep without the fan blowing full blast on him. I, therefore, can't sleep without three blankets, a full sweatsuit with the hood up, warm socks, and the blanket pulled over my head. Good thing I like sleeping all bundled up. Too bad I still can't talk Husband into to cuddling up for warmth.

2.) In these days we were both going to school, we were living rent free in Grandpa's basement, and we were very poor. See our beautiful mint green curtain in the background? It's a twin sheet (I have no idea where it came from) thumb tacked to the wall. Sometimes it's the little things that help me to see how far we really have come. :)

3.) The Fossil watch on my wrist was a gift from Husband when we were dating. I loved that watch. I wore it everyday for years. In fact, where is that watch?

4.) The one-size-fits-all maternity tank top I'm wearing. Ya, this tank top barely fits me now, when I'm not pregnant. And when I am pregnant - it curls up over my belly like I'm Pooh Bear. One-size-fits all? I think not. may also like:
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What I Did Today said...

Such a cute belly. My husband does that with the fan during the summer months. The first time he did that it kept waking my up because I couldn't catch my breath (like when you stick your head out of the window in a fast-moving vehicle). We had to re-position it so the air wouldn't hit me in the face. Fun memories!

Anonymous said...

#4 made me laugh so hard I cried...pooh bear hahaahah!!! You're so cute even wo a head! I'm looking forward to looking back at pics and seeing how far our family has come.