Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Memories 063::Trick-or-Treating at Work

Trick-or-Treating at Husband's work, Halloween 2007
Mostly because I've been thinking about and reminiscing lately about life with two kids...
I pulled up Halloween pictures from 2007 when First Daughter was two and Second Daughter was 6 months.  Those pictures make me happy - I think I always will remember these two at these ages.
The other day I drove by where Husband's work used to be at the old Word Perfect campus in North Orem.  It was literally a drive down memory lane - the brisk air and fall colors brought back a flood of memories from this time in our lives.  We would visit Husband often (or drive him to and from work when we only had one car) at this office.  We would bring him lunch, stop by to say hi, heart attack his car, or come for some special event, like Trick-or-Treating in the office.  We haven't done this in years (not sure if they even still do it...) but it was really fun when our kids were so little.  They were so happy to go cubicle to cubicle collecting miniature candy bars from Dad's friends.  It was like the pre-Trick-or-Treating before the real Trick-or-Treating.  Actually, that's exactly what it was - lol.
At this point in First Daughter's life she was all about everything princess.  We got her a dress up chest full of princess dresses that year for Christmas, and pulled one out early for her to wear for Halloween.  She was thrilled.  The princess phase died earlier for the younger girls (they're always trying to be like their big sister, who is no longer in to princesses so much) so those couple years of First Daughter's life are so precious to me.  Little princesses are so so sweet.
And I just loved that butterfly costume Second Daughter wore.  It was so soft and squishy (just like her!) and I just loved it.  Third Daughter would have called it cozy :)  She wore it two years later.  We have passed it on this year to our niece who is equally squishy and I can't wait to see her in it.  (Even if she doesn't wear it for Halloween, yes I still expect to see a picture of her in it...hint hint...hint...)
Halloween is so fun with littles.  Every holiday is so much fun with littles.  We are still trying to finalize costumes for this year, but I think we're almost set.  It's so fun seeing the kiddos get so creative and excited about their costumes! may also like::
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