Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Memories 058::Cozy

Third Daughter snuggling with Son's "cozy" Halloween costume, Oct 2012
This picture makes me giggle.
Third Daughter has a beloved blankie that she loves to (and tries to) bring with her everywhere she goes.  It's a soft minkie/fleecy fabric that she calls "cozy."  She sticks two fingers in her mouth and rubs her top lip with the corner of her cozy blankie.  She has sucked on her fingers since birth, and has been snuggling with that blankie for as long as she has been able to grab it.
I know it's a habit we will eventually need to break her of.  It breaks my heart a little to think about that.  It is very sweet and endearing and I know the day she no longer does that is the day she no longer is a baby girl (I know she's four and not much of a baby anymore, but still...).  When Third Daughter and I are cuddling in my bed, or when she climb in bed to sleep with me at night, I often am awoken by her rubbing her blankie corner on my upper lip.  It is her ultimate sign of affection and I love it so much.
But anyway...back to the picture...
Son's Halloween costume was made out of a soft fleece. 
I walked into his room and found Third Daughter sucking on her fingers, trying to rub the sleeve of Son's costume on her upper lip. 
She said it was very cozy :) may also like::
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Autumn said...

Hahaha! That is so funny and so cute.