Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Lately I feel like I spend most of my time over thinking and over analyzing pretty much everything.  And boy is it tiring!
This is a common theme for me through the pregnancy/child bearing process, the over thinking thing.  I haven't been blogging much - mostly because I'm so busy during the day and so exhausted at the end of each day, but also because most of things on my mind (i.e. what I would be blogging about) is pretty heavy stuff.  I'm so tired from thinking about it that I don't really feel like trying to write it all down - I just want to think about something else.  Plus, I'm not even sure how much it would even make sense written down...
I wanted to give myself a break and take some time to document what has been actually going on around here outside of my mind - cause it's pretty great and way more worth documenting than my thoughts anyway:)
First of all, this little guy is growing up too fast.

::tummy time::
::holding his head up::
For the first seven weeks of his life, he slept all night every night in my arms.  All I will say about that is that I love falling asleep with a baby in my arms.  Actually sleeping and then waking up with a baby in my arms still?  Not so much.  We were waking up every one, two, or three hours every night for seven straight weeks and we were very tired.  At week seven we kicked him out - moved his crib into the playroom and he slept eight hours straight!  Hallelujah!  Another miracle to be thankful for! 
And there is no shortage of love for this little man.
I'm spending three mornings a week just with the two little guys.
We've been trying to get out onto the trail as much as we can.  I've tried running a couple times and have actually ran one mile without stopping.  Wahoo!  I really love starting from scratch after each baby (not).  We've also been walking with a friend in the ward who has one little guy and have been enjoying getting to know her better.    
We've had a lot of cold weather recently which has put a damper on my walking/running plans, but we take what we can get and sure enjoy this beautiful area we live in!
First Daughter even had the courage to jump in the river one day when we went walking after school. 
She may be a little crazy.  We're looking into it...

I always forget how much life slows down with an infant around.  So many naps and so much time spent nursing...  It is so nice to do simple things like playing with puzzles, snuggling, and napping.
Son #1 loves puzzles. And balls, and buttons, and planes, and bottles, and Elmo, and swings...
See...I told you.
P.S.  He does not like getting stuck in his brother's car seat.
I'm having a lot of fun with these little boys.  I feel like I'm re-living life as a mom of two and it's really nostalgic and pretty fun.  And then these crazies come home and I remember I'm actually a mom of five...
And they don't ever stop talking...

No, but really - I'm loving these kids so much.  3:00-8:00 pm kinda feels like a whirlwind - I'm not gonna lie - but there is no other kids I'd rather be doing this for and with than these five.  I love their guts and I feel so lucky to be their mama.

And just because I'm trying really hard and I want to celebrate the successes in my days, no matter how small -
One clean room!
I feel like it's a never ending battle and this place is a mess all the time, but here is my proof that sometimes it actually is clean.  At least one room at a time :)

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MommyMert said...

LOVED this post. LOVED all the pics and the nostolgic... love the one clean room because I can relate... Love you.

Spencer and Ashley said...

Haha, you know I'm right there with you!! You are such a great mom, person and friend! You blog the things I think. ;)