Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Memories 017: My Valentine

February 14th, 2006

Husband's birthday is today. He really is my Valentine. I absolutely love that his birthday is on Valentine's Day because I get to celebrate him and how much I love him all on the same day. And it's fun every year trying to out-do him. It is his birthday after all.

For his birthday in 2006, First Daugher and I snuck into his car while he was at work and heart attacked him. It was fun and sneaky. First Daughter loved the balloon. I loved that she was my partner in crime.

I wrote him a love letter and smooched it with lipstick, just like I did in the days before we had kids. And for the record, Husband has written his share of love letters in return. In fact, we have a binder full of our letters to each other through the years. It is one of my treasures.

So...Happy Birthday sweet Valentine of mine.
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Hil said...

I love that you have a binder of love letters! Seriously so sweet, and will be something your kids will even cherish when they get older.

Happy celebrating!