Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So...My Husband is the Best

Excuse me while I brag a little about my Husband...
He is wonderful.

We had a pretty lousy night last night with the kiddos.  We both took multiple turns getting up with kiddos who needed drinks, had bad dreams, needed to be tucked in again, had climbed into our bed, and Son who was crying about who-know-what.  We both ended up not getting very much sleep.  It was just one of those nights that happen every so often.

Earlier today Husband texted me like he usually does in the late morning::

Husband:  How's Son today?

Me: He's fine

Husband:  He seemed scared last night.  Don't you think?

Me:  Yes.  Maybe he had a bad dream.

Husband: Yeah.  How are you feeling today?

Me: Like I didn't sleep last night.  I feel kinda nauseous.  Maybe he was sad he didn't have his blankie.

Husband: Yeah.  I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep.  I'll come home early if I can and take the kids out so you can take a long nap.  We can go to CJs.

Me: Oh well I probably should just go to bed early so I can sleep well at night.  Thank you though.

Husband: But I'd like to do that if you'd let me.  I know not sleeping sucks.  Even more if you're pregnant.

I told you.
He is wonderful.

And then when he came home at 4:30 and started getting the kids ready to go, he made sure I knew that I couldn't do any housework while he was gone.  I needed to sit or lay down, read a book or watch a movie.  I needed to take it easy.

I gave him a big hug and said, "You are such a great dad."

His response was, "Right now I'm trying to be a good husband."

Oh I love him.
He is so wonderful.
He is such a great man and an amazing husband.
I am a very lucky woman!

And right now I'm enjoying one of my favorite things in the world - a quiet house :)  I am keeping my promise and sitting on the couch, chatted with my sister on the phone for a bit, watched "Chopped," and now I'm blogging.  It has been nice to slow down a bit and just relax.  Gives me the moment I need to breathe and regroup, but makes me love and miss my family so I'm ready to jump back in as soon as they're back.  It's amazing how just a couple hours of quiet can make such a big difference. 

Thank you thank you thank you to my sweet husband.
I know this pregnancy thing take a toll on you too, and I so appreciate your selflessness and concern for my comfort and well being,

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Autumn said...

I'm glad you got to relax for awhile! You really are so very lucky. I hope to teach my sons to be that kind of husband. :)

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I love this :) Glad you got a good one!