Thursday, April 26, 2012

So...Midday Texts Between Lovers

Me::Wanna run away together?
Him::Yes, far far away!  I've never been to Hawaii.
Me::Ooo good choice.  Waikiki here we come
Him::When do you want to leave?  Since we are running away would it be classified as an affair?  That would be cool.
Me::Totally.  That's hot.
Him::I know right!
Me::K meet you at the airport.

Today Baby Boy is three months old.
We celebrated with lots of kisses on his extra chubby cheeks.

This afternoon we have friends and a soccer game.  Hopefully Hubby makes it home in time - it is much more fun to cheer together as a family.  If not, Second Daughter will have exciting stories to tell him at bedtime tonight about her game. 

And after the kiddos are bathed and in bed after our long day, I'll cuddle up next to him on the couch or in bed and we can continuing dreaming and scheming about our getaway to a tropical island.   It will be so nice.


Autumn said...

hahaha! That's hilarious! You two are fun.

Sandy said...

I guess you are not going to Hawaii then, right?

Spencer and Ashley said...

This is too fun!! Megan, you make me laugh!!