Friday, July 12, 2013

So...I Can't Wait

When I am no longer pregnant, I look forward to...

::sleeping on my stomach.
::clothes covering my stomach.
::putting shoes on by myself (that aren't flip flops).
::snuggling my kiddos on my lap.
::washing the dishes without soaking my shirt.
::eating without spilling on my tummy.
::flexing my stomach (I strangely miss this...)
::hugging my husband without him feeling soooo far away.
::bending over.
::climbing the stairs without losing my breath.
::making it through the night without multiple trips to the bathroom.
::my belly button popping back in :)
::walking, not waddling.
::eating a full meal - there's just not much room.
::no heartburn (even though it hasn't been bad this time, I only get it when I'm pregnant).
::rocking and snuggling our newborn boy.
::moving forward, raising this beautiful family of ours.

Can you tell I'm a little excited to have this baby???
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vsj said...

"washing dishes without soaking my shirt" TOTALLY!!! I never knew it was wet until I sat down or changed into PJs. Love the list!!

Meg said...

I was confused for a second, but realized this must be Amy using Dad's account - lol