Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So...It Was A Great Day

My baby slept in until 10:30 today.
That never happens.  Ever.
I peeked in his room a couple times to make sure he was still breathing.
As wonderful as it was, anything out of the norm can make me a little nervous.

Big girls are loving day camp in the mornings at their school.
They are all smiles when I pick them up.
That makes me so happy.

We made it to the library today.
Possibly one of my favorite places to bring my kids.
I love that it's kid friendly and that they love being there.
It's fun to watch First Daughter find a quiet corner to read her chapter book.
Son loves that he now can pick his own books off the shelf, sit down, and look through the pages.
He loves books!
Second and Third Daughters go back and forth between the books and the computers.

Since the kiddos were already in their bathing suits (water day at camp) we stopped by the new splash pad on the way home.
It's a new favorite.
Perfect for little ones.
And free!

Second Daughter got to play at a friend's house this afternoon.
It's so wonderful when the kiddos find friends they click so well with.
Third Daughter and Son napped all afternoon.
First Daughter and I enjoyed the quiet and curled up with our books.

First Daughter then headed off to activity days with a friend.
I had a quiet house to myself for about an hour.

This evening we brought dinner to a good friend who recently had a baby.
We then headed to another friend's house for a mission call opening.

First Daughter then had softball practice.
We stopped at Frosty Frog on the way home.
The kiddos were super surprised and super excited.
Son loved the sandbox.

First Daughter went to a friend's house for a late over.
I took the other kiddos home for baths/showers and a cozy night at home.
Husband's gone on Wed nights, so we cuddling up on my bed to watch a movie.

Today was full, but it felt great.
It was a good balance of fun outtings, down time at home, and scheduled activities.
Not all days are so full and run so smoothly.
But today was and it did - and it was wonderful.

We are having a great summer so far.
I love having the flexibility to do fun things with kids or just stay home in our jammies all day.

I'm having so much fun with these kiddos these days.
I am a very blessed mama.

Just can't wait for the next little guy to get here so we can have our whole family together.
I have felt like someone was missing for the past year or so.
It will be nice to finally have him here to join in all the fun...and craziness :) may also like::
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Kelly said...

Wait...what new splash pad?!

Meg said...

there's a new splash in provo at the park on 500 W and Center street where the farmers market is on Saturdays. It's great and perfect for our age kids!