Sunday, June 16, 2013

So...16 Favorites

01::the new splash pad.
02::family in town to celebrate with us.
03::First Daughter requesting a blog just for me and her to write notes to each other.
04::summer camps and swim lessons.
05::late night hot tubbing.
06::summer days and summer nights.
07::crossing things off our summer bucket list.
08::sleeping in.
09::scera outdoor theater.
11::connecting with extended family.
12::quiet afternoons.
14::watching kids play outside until dark.
15::husband telling me i look pretty.  still gets me all twitterpated.
16::my marriage.

P.S. I watched Husband install a garage door this weekend for the first time in five years.  Installing garage doors was what he did for many years before we had babies.  I was reminded yesterday morning that watching him install a door is one of my favorite things ever.  That man was made to build things with his hands.  And there is something pretty awesome (and so very attractive) about watching someone in their element. may also like::
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