Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Memories 052::An Obsession with Buckles

First Daughter at Lagoon, August 2007

I loved this day.
Such a great memory.

We got to go to Lagoon for a day, compliments of Husband's work.
First Daughter was two, Second Daughter was five months.
I was super nervous about juggling two little ones in such a busy place.
I was terrified that First Daughter would be lured away by some shiny lights or enticing carnival prize or treat and would be gone from us before we knew it.
I insisted that we purchase a "leash" for our confident, independent, adventurous two year old.
She didn't seem to mind her "teddy bear backpack" too much and it put my mind at ease.

We had a wonderful day.
First Daughter rode lots of rides (and I almost cried watching my baby be so brave).
Second Daughter spent lots of time sleeping in the stroller.
Husband and I enjoyed spending a day together.

But the reason why I chose this picture is not so much for the memory of being at Lagoon, but for the memory of a quirky obsession First Daughter had at this stage.
She was completely obsessed with buckles.
Borderline OCD.

If she was around a car seat, stroller, backpack, or anything with a buckle, she had to buckle it.
She could not leave a buckle unbuckled.
If Second Daughter's infant seat or bouncer was up high and out of her reach, and it was unbuckled, she would freak out - I mean freak out - until I put it within her reach to buckle it.
It was actually pretty amusing.

This particular day, when we were at Lagoon, First Daughter wanted to get on the train ride.
Naturally, many young children wanted to get on this ride, so there we a sea of strollers lined up outside of the ride.
First Daughter went nuts.
I could see it in her face.
I have to buckle these buckles, Mom.  I just have to.
She walked down the entire row of strollers and buckled every one that she found unbuckled.
She just had to.
Nothing was right in the world for her until those buckles were buckled.
So we let her.
And we tried not to laugh...too hard.
I still wonder how many parents were confused and/or frustrated to find their strollers buckled when they got off the train.  And I so wish I had a video of my little girl buckling all those buckles.

It really was a funny and random obsession that First Daughter had.
No idea where it came from.
But for the record, she has grown out of it.
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The Yuan Fam said...

Kade is like that right now but mostly with his own things. I wonder what he would do in a situation like Katie's...buckle, buckle, buckle!!!

Kelly said...

That's hilarious!