Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So...You Know Your Husband Works in IT When...

1::his job title is more of a job explanation than a title.
2::you think you know what your husband does until you actually try and describe it someone.  then you're not so sure you know...
3::you can't get through a date without a phone call, email, or text alerting him that some server is down.
4::you have your own at home server.
5::you each own more than one apple device.
6::he wears shirts like this to work:
7::he actually owns a shirt like this.
8::you actually bought that shirt for him because you knew he would love it.
9::you find something like this on his desk next to his computer:
9::or this:
10::you bought them for him for his birthday.
11::you know whether he fights for the Alliance or Horde.
12::you know when he has a deployment, you probably won't see him until the next day.  or the day after that.
13::you regularly have purchases on your bank statement from Woot or Newegg.
14::his mind is full of lots of random information.
15::you're amazed by how much he knows and what he can do. may also like::
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Sandy said...

And that T-shirt is why we love him so much.