Thursday, May 30, 2013

So...Spring Cleaning::Living Room

Confession::I no longer have any motivation to do spring cleaning.
I'm just trying to keep my head above water with normal housework - and it's only gonna get harder once summer kicks in and all we want to do is play. 
Oh...and this growing belly.
That makes it a little more difficult too.  :)

But I know nesting will kick in again in a few weeks.
It always happens right before baby comes.

But whether or not I get to all of my deep spring cleaning before baby comes (or before fall comes back around), I'm going to document my plan of actual so I can refer to it whenever the urge to spring clean comes around.  Even if it doesn't happen until next spring :)

Living Room
Day 1::clean up.  put everything away.  pick everything up off the floor.  clean off every surface.  remove anything from the room that does not belong there.  remove any decorate item or picture from the wall that you do not love.  throw away any trash (check under couch cushions!) vacuum.

Day 2::dust. dust every surface.  dust every decorative item.  dust under every decorative item.  dust picture frames.  dust light fixtures and lamps.  dust the top of door frames and book shelves.

Day 3::windows & blinds. clean the windows.  inside & out (if possible).  clean window frames and window sills.  clean window tracks.  wipe blinds.  wash curtains if you can.  clean any other glass (mirrors, picture frames, etc.) in the room while you have the windex out.

Day 4::book shelves. remove everything from book shelves.  only put back items and books that you love and want to keep.  if you are unsure about items, try removing them for awhile and see if you miss them.  put everything back in a neat, organized way.  consider boxes or magazine organizers for a less cluttered look.

Day 5::wipe down. get a bucket of water + all purpose cleaner + rag.  wipe down the walls, baseboards, door frames, door knobs, chair rails, air vents, anything that you can possibly wipe down in the entire room.  you will be surprised how much of a difference this makes!

Enjoy your clean living room!
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