Saturday, April 6, 2013

So...Spring Cleaning::Kitchen 2

The kitchen is a doozie, eh?
This week we're back in there.
We can crank it out and it will be awesome.
I'm a little behind from having kids home this week for Spring Break and Grandma coming to visit, but I plan on catching up and finishing up this week in the ---

Day 1::cabinets.  clean out the remaining cabinets and drawers in your kitchen from last week.  take everything out.  wipe the inside and outside.  put back only the things that you need, use, and love.  get rid of anything that does not belong in those cabinets/drawers, anything that is broken, anything you don't love or have thought about getting rid of for a while.  just do it.

Day 2::pantry. this can be a big or small project, depending on the size of your pantry (obviously).  do your best with the time that you have.  pull everything out.  wipe off shelves, sweep/vacuum floor, clean it all out.  throw away anything that is expired or stale.  put everything back as organized and neatly as you can. 

are you in need of baskets or other storage containers to help your pantry organization?  make a list of what you need.  schedule a time on the calendar to purchase those items.  just do it!  it's your pantry and you can organize how you want to.  :)

Day 3::windows, blinds, light fixtures. clean all the windows.  open the windows and clean out the tracks.  clean the window frames and sills.  wipe blinds and wash curtains (if they are washable).  wipe light fixtures.  while you're at it, wipe the fire alarm and any air vents.

Day 4::table & chairs.  i don't know about you, but this does not happen nearly as often as it needs to in this house.  don't get me wrong, it happens, but it probably needs to at least three times a day and that just doesn't happen.  it's crazy how messy kids are when they eat (and color, and play, and do anything...). 

i like to wipe my chairs and tables down with warm bleach water.  smells so nice and does a great job disinfecting and getting the nasty gunk off. 

Day 5::junk drawers. another big project depending on how many junk spots you have and how much junk you keep.  :)  clean out the junk drawers.  throw anything away that you can - expired coupons, broken pens, empty tape dispensers, anything that can be thrown away.  how much of that junk do you really need?  try to get rid of a little more than you are comfortable getting rid of.  you'll be glad to be free of just a lit more junk and clutter.

Maintain the Clean::
One great things I learned from my years working at White Mt. Creamery in high school is the benefit of having a bleach rag on hand.  We always had a bowl with bleach water and a rag in it.  Whenever we had a chance in between customers, we would wipe everything down with the bleach water.  It kept the place pretty darn clean. 

I have tried to use that technique in my own kitchen and it works great.  Having it right there on the counter (or in the sink) reminds me to wipe everything down when we're done eating or wipe the chairs off when I get a chance.

Depending on the furniture/counters you have in your kitchen, this may not work for you, but it has worked for me.  You could also keep whatever surface cleaner you prefer on hand - perhaps under the sink or next to your dish soap - as an incentive to wipe everything down.  A pack of Clorox wipes would work great too.

The kitchen is done. 
Way to go!  That is a great feeling.
Next time you're at the grocery store, buy yourself some fresh flowers to cheer up your clean fresh kitchen. 
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