Saturday, March 23, 2013

So...Spring Cleaning::Family Room

Yay for spring cleaning!
I'm really looking forward to this and hope some of your are joining along with me.
Ihave created this spring cleaning schedule for myself to help stay on track and to stay motivated.
This week I am starting in the -

Family Room
Day 1::clean it up. put things away, pick up the floor and surfaces, throw away garbage, put everything in its place. remove everything from the room that doesn't belong there. if an item belongs in another room, put it away. if you don't love it or don't use it, decide if it belongs in your donate bag, save for later bag, or the garbage.

vacuum the floor. get the hose out and vacuum all the corners and edges of the carpet.  doesn't it feel better already?

Day 2::dust. dust all surfaces. take decorative items down to dust them and under them. are there any of these items you don't love? something not fit right or feel too cluttered? don't be afraid to remove it. put it in your save for later bag and see if you miss it in a week.  or a month.

dust all pictures and decorative items on the walls. are there any of these you don't love? be brave. are there family pictures that need to be updated? if you already have updated pictures, switch them out. if you don't, don't rush off to a photo shoot right now. make a note on your calendar to schedule a photo shoot or to order prints next time you are out shopping.

Day 3::bookshelves & storage. straighten all books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, anything you have on your shelves. while you're at it, pull out anything you don't love, don't need, or don't want there any more.

do you have any other storage in this room? baskets, bins, cupboards, closets? do the same. go through and organize. pull out anything that doesn't belong, doesn't get used, is broken or has missing pieces, or is garbage. it's amazing what gets stashed away where the eye can't see. and it's amazing how wonderful if feels to empty, or nearly empty, a storage container. if you end up emptying one, decide whether or not you need to keep that container. you can get rid of that too!

Day 4::clean the unseen. clean those places that don't often get cleaned. do you have a ceiling fan or chandelier? time to dust it. do you have any decorative items up high? time to wipe away the cobwebs. while you're at it, check all the corners of your ceiling and air vents for cobwebs and dust too.

get a damp rag and wipe all the floorboards. its amazing how much cleaner this makes a room feel.

vacuum under couch cushions. again, it's amazing what gets stashed underneath those cushions. you might even find yourself a tip!

Day 5::windows. wash the windows. open them. wipe around the window frame, in the window track, and on the window sill. wipe (or vacuum) any cobwebs off the screens. do your screens need to be replaced? don't replace them now - make a note on your calendar to schedule that.

if you have curtains (and they are washable) wash them. if you have blinds, wipe them.

let the sunlight and fresh air in. sit down and enjoy your clean room! may also like::
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The Yuan Fam said...

Love your list. I'm gonna be referring to this later for sure!!!

Julie J. said...

This is awesome! I am so going to do this. Which room are you doing next?