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So...Spring Cleaning::Kids Bedroom

Ahh - so nice to have a clean, fresh, clutter-free space to retreat to at the end of each day.  Wouldn't you agree?
Let's give our kids the same gift this week as we move into the -

Kids' Bedroom
If you have multiple children in multiple rooms, you can choose if you want to give each room it's own week, combine the rooms in one week, or enlist your children to do the work with/for you.

Day 1::clean it up.  you know the drill - before we get into the deep cleaning, clean up the room.  pick up everything off the floor.  put it away or throw it away.  vacuum the floor (how long has it been since you've seen your child's floor?!)  clean off all surfaces.  throw away trash.  remove anything from the room that does not belong there - cups, pens, shoes, books, toys, extra blankets, anything that does not have a place in that bedroom.

wash all bedding, including & especially favorite blankies and/or stuffed animals. 
make the bed.

get your kid, and make them climb under the bed and pull everything out from under there.  help them determine what needs to be put away and what needs to be thrown away.

take a deep breath.  you're off to a great start.

Day 2::dresser and closet.  take everything out of the dresser.  everything.  remove any seasonally inappropriate clothes.  put them in storage or donate them.  now go through what you have left.  does your child have more clothes in their drawers than they wear?  is there not enough of something - underwear, socks, shirts, etc.?  if there is too much, keep only what they need/love and find a place for everything else.  it is ok to get rid of clothes!  if there is not enough of something, mark on your calendar a time when you will go shopping for those items.

do the same in the closet. 
when you have sorted through all the clothes (and removed anything from the drawers/closets that doesn't belong there) put everything back in a neat, organized way.

if you're behind on your child's laundry, go do a load now.

Day 3::wipe down. get a bucket, soapy water with a little bleach in it, an old rag, and go to town.  wipe everything down.  kids are messy.  wipe the walls, baseboards, doors, doorknobs, window sills, bed frames, dressers, everything.

Day 4::windows and blinds. clean the windows and any other glass in the room.

wipe down the blinds and window tracks.
if there are curtains that can be washed, wash them.  if not, vacuum them.

Day 5::fix it's. is there anything in this room that is broken?  anything that needs replacing?  if you can fix it today, do it.  replace light bulbs, batteries, put pictures on the walls, etc.  remove anything that is broken.  if it needs to be replaced, schedule a time to find something to replace it.

Involved your kids in cleaning up their room this week.
It may not be easy or pleasant, but it is good for them to see what it takes to clean a room top to bottom.  It also is good for them to see where everything needs to be put away and how to properly clean their room. 

Great job this week.
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