Sunday, May 12, 2013

So...On Mothers

"I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief.  There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother."
Elder Boyd K. Packer

"We must never lose sight of the strength of the women...It is mothers who most directly affect the lives of their children....It is mothers who nurture them and bring them up in the ways of the Lord.  Their influence is paramount....They are the creators of life.  They are the nurturers of children.  They are the teachers of young women.  They are out indispensable companions.  They are our co-workers in building the kingdom of God.  How great is their role, how marvelous their contribution."
President Gordon B. Hinckley

"As daughters of God we are each unique and different in our circumstance and experiences.  And yet our part matters - because we matter.  Our daily contributions of nurturing, teaching, and caring for others may seem mundane, diminished, difficult, and demeaning at times, and yet as we remember that first line in the Young Women theme - 'We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us' - it will make all the difference in our relationships and our responses."
Elaine S. Dalton

Happy Mothers' Day to all the women in my life.
You are all amazing!
I am thankful to have so many incredible examples of women - wives, mothers, daughters, and friends - in my life.

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