Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Memories 050::A Girls' Night Out

Third Daughter, May 2010
This picture seems like a lifetime ago.
Yet, I remember the night so clearly.
Husband was away on a business trip.
I think it was a 10 day trip.
When Husband is away, we usually plan some special outtings.
We try and use fun to distract from us missing Dad.
In this picture, we had gone to the BYU creamery for some ice cream and brought it with us to a park across the street. 
School was almost out, the days were longer, and the nights were warmer.
The park was busy with other kids and families with the same idea as us.
First and Second Daughter quickly got busy swinging, climbing, and running around the park.
Third Daughter hung out with me on the grass to finish our cones.
It was a beautiful evening and was had so much fun being together.
I love basking in the warm setting summer sun.
Evenings at the park is one of my favorite things to do with my family.
I'm pretty sure it's our kids' favorite too.
I loved being a mother to three little girls.
I love being a mother to boys too, but it was a special time with those three little girlies.
Our days and nights were full of pink, princesses, and ponies.
We played lots of dress up and danced like ballerinas.
When Dad was away, we always had our Girls' Nights.
We all looked forward to it.
We still have our GNO's, but not when Dad's away.
I am so thankful to have daughters.
They are so much fun. may also like::
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