Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Memories 021: Second Daughter

Getting to know each other.
April 2007
This week we celebrate Second Daughter's Birthday. She is three whole years old!

Wait a second, she's four.
Oh my. She's four.

Second Daughter brings so much joy into our family and to everyone she meets. She is a light. She's cute as a button and I love her to pieces.

I'd be lying if I said that the transition from one to two kids was easy for me. It wasn't. I have very mixed emotions when I look at photos from 2007. Mostly because I wish that I was so much more for my girls than I was. But I was struggling, and I was learning, and luckily we got through it without too much damage done. Everything has worked out just fine.

Even though it was a difficult time for me, every moment of Second Daughter's life has been a gift. I abolutely feel blessed to be her mother. Sometimes I can't help but stare at her and wonder why I'm so lucky to be her mom.

She is a ball of fun. She loves to make friends and is very concerned about everyone's happiness. She loves to snuggle and I love this too. Every night she asks me to sleep in her bed with her. Although I say no, I secretly want to say yes. Every night. She loves to tell jokes and to be silly, but lately she's concerned about people laughing at her. She is "a goofball," as she calls herself, "because Goofy's a goofball." :0)

Oh how I love this sweet girl!

She gives of her love so generously and brightens our home with her smile and giggles.

I am so proud of her and the great girl that she is. She is a wonderful sister. Our Little Middle. She loves to play and she loves to sing. But if she had her way, she would paint all day long.

I'm excited to celebrate her this week. I wish I could take her to Disneyland like she requested, but we'll just have to settle for a trip to the Disney Store. I think she will like that.

Happy Birthday this week, sweet daughter of mine.
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Hannah said...

She is completely darling. I love having her over. She always makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday to your cutie!

MommyMert said...

Happy Day Miss Bonita ;)
(4 Wow!)

Presley family said...

So sweet!!!! Happy birthday sweet girl!!! I can't believe that my baby will be seven next month... gasp... did I just say seven!!! Where does the time go???

Autumn said...

Happy 4th Birthday Miss M!! She ran up and gave me a hug on Sunday and it made my day. I adore her and don't get to see her cute, bubbly, wonderful personality enough! You're a lucky Mama to have her. :O)

Rachel said...

She is darling! Love those great photos of her expressions! Happiest Birthday!

Christina said...

Cute pictures! My #2 turned 4 in January- they grow up so fast!