Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So...Baby Bump

Baby #5, 21 1/2 weeks

Here I am in all my stay-at-home-mother-pregnant-housewife glory.
Oh I am so glamorous :)

For the record, I feel so much bigger than this.
Cause I know you totally care.
Not pregnancy bigger - just bigger bigger.  Like chubby bigger.
I'm in that awkward in between phase where normal clothes are too small and maternity clothes are too big (at least my maternity clothes - cause heaven knows I get big bellies!).
But as requested - here is my baby bump at 21 1/2 weeks.
21 1/2 down, 18 1/2 to go.

I also have gotten a request on posting about how we lived on a $100/month budget.
I no longer have my exact records on how we actually accomplished that, but I can say that we in fact did it.  It was nothing short of a miracle.
I have a post in the works about the little things that made it all possible.
Little tips that I for some reason am no longer successful at (probably because we have three more people and one more dog to feed - plus, it's amazing what you can do when you have to!)

Anyway - that's coming up, so stay tuned.
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Kelly said...

You are beautiful!!

Mercedes said...

I love the baby bump! And I cannot wait to hear how you lived on $100 I could learn from that!

The Yuan Fam said...

Looking forward to more posts!!! You look great!!!

MommyMert said...

With my comment, that makes 4 readers.. ;)I totally remember you telling me you had that budget and my (in the head) jaw dropped to the floor. I love love love your baby bump. No chubbiness. Promise. Just beautiful Mama.

Lexi Powell said...

You are amazing! I just love you. I am not surprised at all that you could accomplish something like $100 grocery budget. I've always learned so much from your example & I miss living near you.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

You are SO cute :) It is funny how much bigger we feel than actually look. Love it.