Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So...I Love This Man

Husband on his birthday, Feb 14, 2013

Oh how I love this man.
He is one of the best people I know.
He is honest, hard working, kind, genuine, funny, easy-going, compassionate, unassuming, and just plain old fun.  He really is the best.

We've got something great going on.
I feel so honored to be loved by him.  I really do.
He is more amazing to me the longer I'm married to him. 
I really caught myself a good one :) and feel so very blessed.

I love him so much I cut the center out of his birthday cake for him.
It's his favorite piece.
Now that's true love...

Tonight I get to go to Recipe Share (see...he loves me too) and I am really looking forward to it.
I'm a little burnt out and could use a break away from the littles.
Though I love them dearly, I need a break away from little people that constantly need things from me.
And I get a little tired of constantly reminding them not to not whine and complain. 
I know I need a break when that's all I seem to hear.  :)

Recipe Share is a group of ladies in our neighborhood that get together to eat, visit, laugh, and share recipes.
A great pick me up full of good friends and good old fashion fun just being together.
I haven't been able to go for a really long time and I miss it. 
I could use a good laugh tonight. 
Combine that with good food and it's a win.
So thankful for my tag team partner in crime so I can sneak away for a bit tonight.  :)

I'm bringing thai chicken pizza.  Oh yum!

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Hannah said...

I wish I could come for your thai chicken pizza! I love that stuff.

Dave is great! You two are a great pair.

Lexi Powell said...

Happy Birthday Dave!
This made me really miss recipe share. Also- what is your current email address? I think I have been sending things to an old one.....

Autumn said...

You two are a great couple. I love that pizza!