Thursday, February 17, 2011

So...What We Did on Valentine's/Birth Day

Valentine's day snuck up on me a bit this year.
Second Daughter's preschool party was last Thursday.
I remembered Wednesday afternoon.
Luckily that gave me a head start making prizes for First Daughter's party that wasn't until Monday.

As far as family Valentine's Day traditions {including Husband's birthday}, I didn't calculate Sunday into my prep time. I try not to do any shopping on Sunday, so when Saturday came and went, and then Monday morning arrived, I was in a bit of a panic.

Things worked out Monday morning for me to run to the store. Fortunately Second and Third Daughters are young enough to be oblivious to what I am buying. I was able to get everything needed without them knowing.

Our main tradition on Valentine's Day is candygrams. My mom always did them for us and I try to do them for my family.

And for as little prep time as I had, I think they turned out pretty good if I say so myself.
For what I lacked in presentation, I think I made up in content. :0)
And I must add...I was cracking myself up the whole time I was making these.
A fortunate characteristic I have inherited from my dad.
A Birthday Surprise:
The Daughters and I brought these scrumptous cupcakes to Husband at work for him to share with his co-workers. We also snuck into his car and heart-attacked it for old-times' sake. It was a blast.
Dinner/Family Night:
We were some of the few that were crazy enough to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. With our kids.
We headed up to Cheesecake Factory knowing full well that we would probably have a 2 hour wait. We were right.
So...we put our names on the list and headed back to the car. We took out the carseats and folded down the middle row in our Seqouia. Instant mobile family room. All five of us climbed in the back and proceeded to have our weekly family home evening. It was pretty awesome.
The kids stood up and led the music. They knelt for prayer. We read scriptures on Husband's iphone. Husband gave an impromptu lesson on loving others as Christ loved. We sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. Husband even got a phonecall from Twin Brother for a brief twinners' celebration. It was great.
Then after a pre-dinner walk through the mall, it was time for us to be seated. You can never go wrong with Cheesecake Factory. The food was yummy, the service was great {and very kid friendly}, and the company was the best.
I love my family more than I can even express. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
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Becca said...

Those valentines were so cute! I love that you made them for the girls. You really are such an amazing mom and wife!

Hil said...

I love that you had FHE in the back for your van. Seriously too cute. I LOVE Cheesecake Factory and only wish we had one here.. :)

Way to go on the candy grams, so creative!

Kelly said...

Love it!

Hannah said...

That is adorable, Meg!

Autumn said...

I admire your family so much. I need to be a more thoughtful creative Mom and wife like you are! So awesome you had FHE in your car.

Terri said...