Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Memories 040::A Glamour Shot

First Daughter dressed up for a princess party - 4 years old, Feb 2010
I love this picture of First Daughter.
I remember that day so clearly.
She was invited to a princess party and we had a blast getting her all glamorous for the big event.
We were in "show our house" mode and so all our princess dress-ups were packed away in storage.
First Daughter had so much fun raiding my closet and concocting an outfit fit for a princess.
She wore a lacy shirt of mine with a belt to make it a dress.
She draped some necklaces around her neck.
She wore my black knee-high boots (that went up to her thigh).
We put her hair in a fancy up do with a fancy headband.
Then her favorite part - the makeup.
When the makeover was complete, we had a mini photo shoot super model style.
She loved it.
It was such a fun mother/daughter girly event.
We really had a blast. may also like::
::So...Monday Memories it begins.
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