Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Memories 025: Casey's Twins

I'm really excited to introduce you to my next guest blogger, Casey. She is another dear dear friend of mine and a woman I look up to and admire in so many ways. She is extremely thoughtful, full of class and style, a wonderful mother, and an extraordinary friend. She is one that I could talk to for hours, easily, and feel completely inspired and uplifted by the end.

Casey is a new blogger and I'm already a huge fan of her blog copper kettles. Check it out if you haven't already.

Hi all, I’m Casey and I’ve been a fan of Megan’s blog for a LONG time so I was super flattered when she asked me to guest post on this, my most favorite blog ever! I’m actually really new to the blogging world. Honestly, I think I’m only about a month old in blogging age. So, though being flattered, I felt a bit intimidated, too! It was like being asked to write the foreword in a reprint of your all-time favorite novel. Are you kidding me? However, I adore Megan and feel quite indebted to her for the way her words have inspired my everyday. It was, in fact, her blog and her just plain incredibleness that motivated me to start my own cyber-writings. So, thank you Megan … thank you for the thoughts, treats, music, quotes and memories you’ve shared – and here’s a memory of my own … for you (and well, I guess for anybody else who’s reading).

July 2006
I love this memory for so many reasons …
They were still so little … my first-borns
It was a breathtakingly beautiful day
In the town where I grew up
My mother’s garden was alive with activity and color
The air was warm and cloudless

We watched a small town parade …
Played in the fountains and sprinklers…
Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside …
Watched the cows … Looked for rocks …
As I write I can almost feel the summer breeze,
And yet I feel still more – I see them
As they were

And I’m brought to wonder
What did they see?
What thoughts are behind those inquisitive stares?
Did they see me?
Did they wonder beyond the moment?
Were they awaiting their next adventure?
Were they aware that they were growing up?
Was I?

My first thought after reading this is that Casey is a poet! I love the feeling I had when I read this - like I was right there with her smelling the grass and feeling the warm summer breeze. Thank you so much Casey for sharing this memory and that adorable picture of your sweet twins.

Are you interested in sharing your story for a future Monday Memories? You are more than welcome to! Email me at may also like:
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