Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So...Some New Looks & Change

We got some new looks around here:
After over a year of contemplating the bangs, I finally took the plunge.
I know you totally care.
And Son has officially had his first hair cut.  
He still looks so different to me, but it sure is fun to rub that fuzzy head.

But hair cuts are not the only changes occurring in this household.
Changes have been popping up in all aspects of our life - some small, some big.  
We're experiencing change at home, at work, and at church.  But for this girl who doesn't necessarily love change, we're doing pretty great.  All these changes are good changes.  All present opportunity for growth and experience.  I'm excited about that.  I'm looking forward to something different, something to get excited about, some progression.  I'm excited about a change of pace and some motivation to tackle new projects.  

One of those projects is painting.
I'm actually starting to paint rooms in our house again.  Yay!
After almost two years, we are almost done painting the walls.
Obviously I haven't quite gotten to Son's neon green room...but I do have the can of paint, so that's a start.
His room is next.  Definitely.

I may or may not share pictures.
It just matters if I remember to take them or not - we shall see :)

Happy Short Week everyone!
Anyone else having a hard time remembering today is Tuesday?

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1 comment:

The Yuan Fam said...

Love the bangs! You're braver than me cuz I could never bite the bullet...still can't. Can't wait to see the progress when we come out to see you!!!