Thursday, November 3, 2011

So...Our Home

Today I am thankful for our home.

Last March we moved literally around the corner into a new (to us) home. This house provides us with more space, more room to grow, and thus more time living in this neighborhood that we love oh so very much.

The circumstances (on our end of the deal) around us ending up in this house was nothing short of miraculous. Even in the middle of a recession and a horrible housing market, everything fell perfectly into place for us to sell our previous house and purchase our new one without any glitches. The fact that we never had a month with a double mortgage payment was a miracle in of itself, among many.

Some many blessings fell into our laps surrounding this move. It was a risk, moving during such economic uncertainty and being upside-down in our previous mortgage, but we approached the decision prayerfully, trusting that things would work out the way they were meant to. And as we watched every roadblock we encountered (and there were lots - along with all the hoops we had to jump through with the banks) pass us by, our prayers for guidance were turned to prayers of thanksgiving as it becamse clear that this move was in fact the right thing for us to do, and that the Lord had provided a way.

Our home is perfect for us.

After six months of settling in, it feels very much like home.

And as heartbreaking as it was for me to leave our other home - the home full of so many of our memories; the home we brought two babies home to; the home we lived in during such precious years of our family's life - I see a whole future of family memories here before us. I can picture my babies as teenagers sitting at this new counter doing their homework or chatting with me while I cook. And that makes me happy.

I know we have many wonderful years ahead of us here in this home, and I am so thankful.

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Becky said...

What a great blessing! I hope to achieve that someday...but not so far away from our families as we are now. A time and a season for everything right?

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

I'm glad this is at the top of your thankful list...what I would give to have roots in a place I could call my own! Love you and glad to see you blogging again (: