Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Memories 001: Christmas Edition

First Daughter
Christmas 2005

December 2005 - We were a small family of three living in our beloved four-plex in Orem, UT. I have only wonderfully sweet memories of our time there. First Daughter was 7 months old for her first Christmas. She was chubby, joyful, smiley, and my absolute favorite person in the world.

Christmas 2005 was our first Christmas not travelling to visit family. It was our first Christmas with children. It was the first Christmas that I truly was more excited about the gifts I gave than the ones I received. It was the first Christmas that I handmade gifts (I went on quite the knitting spree that season). It was our first Christmas with our own Christmas tree. It was the year we discovered Baum Christmas Trees. We still buy our tree there.

It was also the Christmas of traditions. We tried our best to incorporate traditions from both families and started a few of our own. Our Christmas Book - My First Christmas board book. Our Family Game - Scrabble. Our Christmas Jammies. In this picture, First Daughter is holding her Christmas Bear. She is our "bear" so it seemed obviously appropriate. Christmas Bears have since become somewhat of a tradition in our family. Second Daughter got her Christmas Bear on her first Christmas and Third Daughter will be getting hers this year.

Merry Christmas
& Happy Memories!

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Amy and Arthur said...

I love that picture of Katie. I'm excited to see how things change with my kids over the next several Christmas'. See you over New Years.